Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Womb envy

Is it just me or is everyone and the next mom over falling pregnant right now? Aside from the blogs I frequent, which seem to be suddenly populated with newly blooming mamas, my personal life is now being invaded with expectant ladies. The latest announcement came from a fairly close friend, and suddenly I find that I am just a teensy bit jealous. Allow me to clarify, I don't want to go for round two just yet, but news of all these babies to be are making me reminisce about my own pregnancy with MR. It's only been just about eleven months, yet it already seems like such a long time ago. Obviously it's been long enough for pregnancy amnesia to settle in as all I can think about were the lovely, sweet aspects of gestating. Not the gagging at the smell of alfredo, the constant nagging heartburn, or the awful symphysis pain of my last few pregnant months. I confided my feelings to BL, who laughed and asked me how I could have possibly forgotten all the aches and pains associated with carrying a baby. He certainly isn't suffering from pregnancy amnesia, I guess my behavior left a lasting effect :).

The first few months after MR was born my greatest fear was of getting pregnant again too soon. I just wanted to be unpregnant for at least as many months that I had been. I passed the nine month mark and felt reassured that at least now I wouldn't get any sidelong glances and behind the hand remarks about Irish twins. Now as we near the one year mark, MR's birthday, I think I am starting to let me guard down even more. I repeat, I am not looking to start up numero dos, but still the idea doesn't seem so frightening any more. Then again, when I start to think of the craziness that is life with just one baby two does sound a little scary. I guess we will just cross that bridge when we get to it.

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Lakshmi said...

hey -- new reader. my son turned one march 12th...sometimes i too miss being preggars. but then again, he STILL is a baby. i STILL have no real time to myself.

yeah, maybe another go in 5 years. one of them needs to be out of diapers, out of the stroller.