Thursday, September 10, 2009


I'm consolidating. For the last few years that I have blogged I have maintained this blog, though the maintenance of late has been quite sad, and another blog that I posted for family and friends alone. I kept them separate because at first I thought I needed this "other" blog as a space to vent and ruminate about my life in a way I didn't think appropriate for my family's eyes. Now, considering the infrequency with which I post here, and my lack of time and enthusiasm for the job, I am going to say goodbye to this space and focus on keeping just one good blog. No promises on whether or not this will increase the number of posts I manage a month, but this still feels like a weight off my chest so it must be the right thing to do. For those who might still want to keep up with my/our lives you can now find me here: I will still be following all of you, for although I have been a lousy and lazy commenter as of late I still enjoy peeking in on how you all are. Thanks and goodbye (kind of).