Tuesday, April 28, 2009

32 Weeks - Learning to slow down

Really I was 32 weeks last Friday, so now I am hovering between 32 and 33. It all blends together at this point really, it's going fast. Quite the opposite of my general place these days, which is slow. Or I am finding that it should be. I feel like I have been able to maintain a pretty good energy this pregnancy, I haven't really felt all that limited and aside from the major energy drain of the first few weeks I have been feeling fine. Now not so much. Along with my repeat test for the diabetes they also tested to see if I was anemic. The results came back showing that I am mildly anemic, adding another pill (for iron) to my daily regimen. This also explained why my desire for an afternoon nap had increased significantly in the last few weeks. I have been taking the supplement for about a week now and I think it has been helping, hard to tell really what might be anemia-related tiredness and what is just third trimester dragging.

This past weekend also taught me the need to do some of my own regulation in order to keep myself going safely through these last few weeks. I had a bridal shower to attend that was about two hours drive away. I went up for the weekend, was on my feet helping run it all for most of it, and came home a wreck at the end of it all. I have really been taking for granted that my body would just keep up with me. Chasing a toddler in my spare hours and working during the day led me to believe that I could just power through when needed. My body has officially disabused me of this belief. By late Sunday I just had to lay down and give in, I even had some really unpleasant braxton-hicks to remind me to stay put. I have been having those "practice" contractions for a while now, but these ones were actually a little painful. Time to slow down I guess.
Otherwise things continue to go well, no more travelling or long drives in my near future. Just a matter of sitting back and watching these next 7ish weeks fly by.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Little steps in baby prep

We have a long list of to-do's before Mason gets here. A loooong list. Fortunately we realized a few weeks back just how short a period of time we now have to accomplish all those things. Less than sixty days to paint/decorate/furnish his room, do some major outdoor renovation, transition Skyler to a toddler bed... to name a few. Since our epiphany we have managed to knock some big ones off the list. My lovely husband spent the weekend that Skye and I were in North Carolina painting his second son's room. He has also since ripped apart our back lawn with a rototiller and is making preparations for reseeding and setting up a fence. I'm pretty lucky like that. Back to the room though, since it was painted a few weeks back I have slowly been working towards filling it with the bits and pieces I have accumulated for Mason. We still need to fill it in with some more furniture, and no small amount of organization needs to occur... but, it looks like a room that could be inhabited by a small child now.

Paint by Daddy, decals by me (and Blik)

Pandas and bamboo, it couldn't all be ninjas

Mason's snuggy bed awaits

There are some ninjas though

Bring your child to work day

I brought (one) of mine, how 'bout you?

Friday, April 17, 2009

Signs of Spring

Not to jinx anything, especially with our grand plans for outdoor work this weekend, but I think that Spring has finally sprung around here! The birds are out, little green things are growing, and we have reached the 60's (tomorrow maybe 70's). I never truly appreciated warmer weather until having Skyler, and especially an older Skyler who wants to be outside all the time and doesn't understand why rain -and snow- prevents that. So warmer weather is definitely welcome.

We have been taking advantage of the bits of sunshine as much as we can. One of the things Skyler received for his birthday was a little lawnmower which he LOVES. Every time the door opens he tries to run outside with it. He really appreciated the opportunity to try it out while helping Daddy mow the lawn the other day. Daddy just enjoyed the chance to interact, and terrorize, his little boy. So sweet.

Skye also got a break from his usual Wednesday of daycare this week and went off with my MIL and BIL to go see some tulip fields. He apparently enjoyed this immensely with the exception of the little train they tried to get him to ride. Skyler is very enamored of all things automotive/locomotive - from a distance. He would much rather look at that tractor or train or ride on car than be placed at the helm of said vehicle. He was very polite in his rejection of the train though, remembering to shout 'No dank you' instead of just no. Glad that is sinking in :).

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Deja Vu

I had completely forgotten something that started occurring towards the end of my pregnancy with Skyler. Every once and a while, when he would move, I could hear a distinct 'popping' sound. Like a little click of a joint, or something like that. I think I would have forgotten that piece of information forever if it hadn't happened again today when Mason was doing his morning calisthenics. The very same sound. So many things have been different between these two pregnancies, but this little piece of identical really ties them together. Any one else ever have one of these moments?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Christmas Story moment on Easter

Happy Easter everyone! Skyler really enjoyed the holiday this year, which seems to be the trend with holidays as he gets older. He still has no idea why these days are different than any other, but he definitely enjoys the presents and treats that come with it. Having his birthday the day prior only added to the confusion, on the way home from Pa and Nana's house he started chanting "Skyla's Der-day!". Guess he thinks egg hunts are a birthday ritual now.

He did a great job both making and finding eggs. He actually managed to maneuver the funny little wire dipper for the egg dying all on his own. A few eggs got dropped, but these are details. One part of today that he didn't enjoy, initially, was being forced to play the role of resident Easter bunny. Back around Halloween his Nana picked up a bunny costume for him along with his dinosaur outfit. It had been hanging in his closet ever since, just waiting for today. It took some tears and a good deal of struggle, but once he was in it he actually enjoyed it enough to not want out of it for a bit. It also helped keep him warm outside in the bluster, so there was a practical tone to our lunacy. It also made for some adorable photos. I suppose he can make up for it one day by dressing us up when we are to senile to protest.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Dear Skyler-

Today you are two years old. In your own words today is "Skyla's Der-day!". I tried to show you how to display your age with your fingers, a little peace sign. When I asked you to repeat this act you looked at your hands confused why they didn't form the number two like you expected. You know that you are two though, you can tell us loudly and whisper it to yourself.

I cannot believe how quickly this year has gone. You turned one and I looked into the future to the day when you would turn two, this day. I had no idea the little person that you would become. I didn't know that you would have such a deep, passionate love for cars. I had no notion that coats would become your prized possessions. I couldn't have guessed at how capable you are at articulating yourself, your vocabulary would have surprised me. You love the outside, you enjoy reading books with us while we all sit on the floor, you like spaghetti and pizza - and most recently strawberries, you hate having your clothes changed and would live in shoes and a jacket if we let you, you are adventurous and timid all at once, you like to climb couches and stairs but refuse to go down slides, you are a ham bone and do things you know are silly to make us laugh, you are so very particular - things must be just so, you are sweet and loving and the most amazing little monkey we could have asked for.

So now I look towards this upcoming year, and moving towards three, and wonder what will be. I know that this year you will become a big brother, and that you will likely become an even more independent (and likely stubborn) little bug. Everything else I know is up to you, all the little bits and pieces that you will put together to form your sense of self and who you are in this world. Happy Birthday big little man, congratulations on officially being two.

Love, Mommy (and Daddy)

Now for the birthday-ness, Skyler had quite the full and fun day. He woke up to a brand new (motorized) ride on tractor from us. He will sit on it, and let us push the button while he rides, but he is still a bit wary about taking the full reign on his own. He then spent the rest of the day being spoiled alternately by us and the rest of the family. All in all his haul included new cars, a train set, a wagon, some play food, a little lawn mower, and some more outside toys. He also actually enjoyed his cake this year, though I wasn't too concerned about that as he has honed his sweet tooth significantly over this past year. He finished it all out with his favorite meal of spaghetti and is now sleeping soundly, likely with his head full of wonderment over how one day can be more special than another. The birthday concept itself is still forming itself in his head, but one can't ask too many questions when cake and presents are involved.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Toddler travel - the North Carolina edition

Done. Done with my last flight before Mason's arrival. And likely my last flight ever again with a toddler. If family, or anyone, wishes to see the children prior to their turning five they are welcome to come and visit. I, however, will not willingly board a plane and agree to enclose myself in a small cabin with an almost two year old for any extended period of time. Ever. It wasn't the worst it could have been, but then it certainly wasn't the best. Skyler did do an admirable job in the airports, and for about 3/4 of the overall flight time. But the last 1/4 that was filled with crying, flailing, and screaming was really enough to outweigh all the sweet, quiet play time that might have preceded said events. Dealing with a thrashing, tantrum throwing toddler will pinned between my mother and a complete (and unsympathetic) stranger... shudder.

That said, everything about the trip that occurred outside of the plane and the airport was lovely. Skyler absolutely thrived in all the fresh air and sunshine. My grandmother lives directly off of a golf course in the midst of a forest of pine trees. Lots of green and open spaces and dirt to dig and play in. It was really quite ideal, and a huge improvement over the conditions (hotel room) we had when visiting family in New Mexico.

It was really just a lot of fun to watch Skyler experience the outdoors at this age. Since it has still been too cold back home for him to enjoy any extended periods of time outside this was really the first time, as a toddler, that he has had full reign of an outdoor environment. He loved it. He played with his cars and tractors in the dirt, ran wild around the local park, tried to climb the tree in my grandma's backyard. He even experienced something I remember enjoying about visiting my grandparents when I was younger: the golf cart. Big perk of having a grandparent that lives off of a golf course, they drive these things everywhere. It took a bit of convincing each time to get him out of this thing, but he was awfully cute in his devotion to it. Unfortunately for him, owning such a thing where we live is both unlikely and impractical.

I was worried about how he would react to my grandma, not only because she was stranger but one in a wheel chair. Missing a leg. These are things that aren't very easy to explain to a toddler. He was pretty wary of her for the first day or so, but frankly I think he was more concerned about not knowing her in general than of her being on wheels. I think he actually liked her wheelchair, he is a big fan of all things mobile. I can't say if he even processed the fact that she was missing a limb, but atleast he didn't make a show of noticing it or act scared around her. Ignorance is bliss in a toddler I guess.

Physically I was a wreck after this trip, as I was with the first one. There is just no getting comfortable when pregnant and travelling. I was immensely relieved to be returned back to my own bed, and pillow, and the waiting help of my husband. My family is on notice, this pregnant lady doesn't fly anymore.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


So we might/probably/I think we do have a date of birth for our little Mason man. Assuming that things don't go wildly off target, and that scheduling doesn't switch on us, Mason Alexander should be arriving into this world on Friday June 19th. That's 11 weeks away! *Gulp*

I went and had a doctor's appointment this morning and all is well. Mason's heart is beating away in the 130's and he was nice and squirmy for the doctor. Could be because I had to do glucose test part deux, lovely thing about having GD in a prior pregnancy - you get to take the tolerance test twice! Blech. Hopefully I continue to be diabetes free, we will find out in the next few days. Then the doctor brought up the idea of scheduling, which I had been meaning to do myself. Since my original due date was the 26th(ish) we are going ahead with things exactly a week prior to that. Shouldn't be an issue as the little bean has been measuring ahead by a week anyways. Just crazy to think that I can mark it on the calendar now, and really feel the heat of the countdown. Perhaps it's time to actually get serious about putting together the nursery?

In less pleasant news, I will be off on a plane again tomorrow. This time for an even longer duration (with a layover!) to go and visit my ailing grandmother in North Carolina. With my mother and Skyler in tow. While 28 weeks pregnant. Can you feel the impending doom? I can. This in the end will be a good thing, it will give my grandma a chance to finally meet Skyler and (sort of) Mason. Also considering that travelling of this sort really won't be in the cards for us for about another year... who knows what can happen in a year. My grandma has been healthy for all her eighty some years, up until lately. I would hate to think that I left things too late all because of some temporary discomfort. Unfortunately that discomfort starts tomorrow at 8:30 am and won't stop until sometime around midnight next Monday. *Sigh*. Anybody familiar with the use of benadryl on toddlers for extended periods of flight?