Friday, February 27, 2009

Ninja nursery

When we first found out Skyler was a boy, well actually even before we knew for sure that he was, Andy announced that he had the perfect theme for his nursery: dinosaurs. Andy always loved dinosaurs as a child and could think of no better decoration for his son's new room. I knew how much it meant to him, so I set about making it happen. Fortunately it wasn't too difficult as Babies r' Us carried a dino bedding set and the rest of the accessories to fill in the gaps. Who knew dinosaurs could be cute?

When we discussed the possible genders (and associated room themes) that this next baby might have, Andy again had a suggestion: ninjas. A ninja nursery. If you are so inclined try typing that into a google search and see what comes up. Not a whole lot of baby friendly options, let alone any convenient bedding and accessories at the local baby outlet. Again, I knew how much it meant to Andy so I set about making it happen. It hasn't been easy, and we are far from even setting things up, but the pieces are starting to fall into place. First, did you know that someone out there decided to make stuffed ninjas:

Again, who knew ninjas could be so cute? I also searched, in vain, for some sort of "cute" ninja wall art. I came up empty handed on that one, so I improvised. I made my own. They are lacking frames at present, but I am thinking I managed to make ninjas cuddly and appropriate for a child's decor.

The one area I really couldn't improvise or provide a specific ninja theme was the bedding, but I am thinking the below will help create an overall Asian feeling. Pandas are definitely baby friendly too, so that helps.

So I hope I have risen to the challenge my husband put before me. The dinosaurs turned out well, and I think the ninjas will too. Now the issue will be convincing Andy that the ninjas are for Mason, not him.We are currently sitting at twenty three weeks with baby boy number two, hopefully lots of time left to pull his room together for him. We are excited to be getting under way with planning, getting things set into action and preparing for Mason.

Also excited that now Skyler will give kisses to Mason when asked, we'll see how this translates once his brother arrives.

Friday, February 20, 2009

New duds

Courtesy of Jamie, over at Sticky Feet (part deux), Skyler received a new shirt today. I won her giveaway for a cute customized shirt from Little Uni, which now having seen just how cute said shirt is I am seriously considering buying his birthday shirt from the same place.

Skyler loooooves cars, so he really enjoyed his new car shirt. He put it to good use throughout the day. He 'cooked' with Daddy in his new shirt:

This provided Skyler with an opportunity to mess up his new shirt and gave Andy a way of disposing some of his expired spices. Everybody won, except me I suppose because I then had to wash the shirt.

Kiddo also road tested a new hat while cruising around in his spiffy new shirt. Thanks again Jamie, and to the rest of you be sure to stop by her site and wish her a big congrats. She just found out that her number two will also be number three as well - twins!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

No GD for me!

I found this out a few days ago, I just have been too busy to mention it. They did an early test for gestational diabetes at my last appointment since I did have GD the last time around. The nurse called me the next day with the great news that I cleared it this time! I was so excited, I really have been making a concerted effort to make this pregnancy different than my first. Having an active toddler to chase and no longer working from home makes a difference, but I also know that my eating habits changed a lot following my bout with diabetes when pregnant with Skyler. So wheeee! no needle pricks and glucose testing for me!

*On a side note, thanks for all the kind hellos for my last post. It feels good to be out in the open:)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Behind the curtain

When I started this blog it was because I needed a separate space from the blog I had already begun when my first child was born. That forum was meant entirely for the friends and family members who were (then) so far away and required regular updating and of course pictures. It wasn't an appropriate place for me to express my feelings though, and in those early months I really did need somewhere to go with all of that. In a way the original blog is sterile in that it was entirely dedicated to the mister, not my feelings about breastfeeding or why my mother was driving me crazy that week or really anything about the deeper me. Not that I am all that deep, but still. A lot went on in that first year, and I just needed a place to express myself - anonymously.

I feel comfortable enough now that the idea of sharing my name, our names, doesn't seem so scary. I still worry that family members and people who I haven't shared this blog with intentionally might find me here, but then that is really a consequence I have been courting since putting my life and words out into the blogosphere. So hi, my name is Jeni. I'm married to Andy, and our first born son's name is Skyler. And this guy (direct your attention to uterus level): going to be called Mason.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Veinte y dos

Dear Mister-
Do you realize that there are only two months between now and your second birthday? Not that this period of time has anything to do with some monumental transition in how you behave, I am already convinced (and apparently so are you) that you are already a two year old at heart, if not perhaps three. You are such a big little man. You want to do everything for yourself, you have become very adamant in being treated as a little boy and not a baby. You no longer sit in a high chair at home, you sit in a regular chair. This has made dining out at restaurants a new challenge, as you abhor sitting in their high chairs and make no bones about expressing this. I just fear the freedom of a booster seat, you don't share this concern.

Your vocabulary is astounding, you enjoy pointing out everyday objects and telling us what it is. You will tell us that this is Daddy's coat, or this car is blue, and so on. It is strange and wonderful all at the same time to almost be able to converse with you. Of course some who meet you may not realize just how verbal you are because you have suddenly become very shy. I think this is because you have now become so very self aware, you know that you are you and you alone. This is an interesting development and I will look to see where it leads.

Despite this newfound social shyness you are just as adventurous as ever, if not more so. You have become quite the little climber, I think we need to get you to a jungle gym. Tables, chairs, the random baby furniture we have started to pull out for your brother - you try to conquer it all. I think you have truly come into your own in recognizing your little body's capabilities, and are ready to exercise it. You are very much a little monkey.

We love you so much and are so amazed by the affectionate and sweet little person you are becoming. Happy 22 kiddo!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Suggestions please

So the husband and I generally agree on most things, we are very fortunate that we don't disagree on too many issues (especially the ones that count). Where this ends: baby names. Especially little boy names, which seeing as we are adding another male to this household we are right in the middle of just such a debate. I just shot down the name that BL loves, and consequently any names I might have had on board are now considered undesirable. We are back to square one. So any great boy names out there? Please, any ideas... we are really starting off with a blank slate here. We spent many months debating MR's name, very unpleasant, and have been through quite a few different baby books. I think we just need some fresh perspective. Suggestions?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Drumroll please

It's a...

Another little boy! Come mid-late June MR will be receiving a little brother, and we will have a second son! We weren't even thirty seconds into the ultrasound when the Little Bean flashed us this:

Not shy at all, just like his big brother. The ultrasound tech said we were the perfect patients, Little Bean was very accommodating and allowed for lots of good clear shots and rolled over when needed. He was also given a very clean bill of health, all his bits and pieces (head, heart,spine, fingers and toes) are looking beautiful and just as they should. BL and I didn't even realize how much we needed to worry about this until she started checking for all the chambers in LB's heart. It was then that we remembered that we are not guaranteed a healthy baby, and we are very grateful that the ultrasound confirmed that all is well. Here are some more profile shots.

The little guy is taking after his big brother in more ways than one, he is already a whopping one pound. Seems small, but for his age it's a good couple of ounces more than average. Little Bean is currently measuring in the 85th percentile for his gestational age, which the tech actually estimated to be about four days ahead of where we thought we were at. It's always changing. MR always measured ahead too, so this is not entirely new territory for us. We are so thrilled with this news and so very excited to really get into planning for this new little boy.

While you're waiting

Sorry, no big news from the ultrasound yet... that's not till later this afternoon. While you are waiting though here's some bits from dinnertime last night. I am very fortunate in that my husband cooks, and cooks well, so I have the luxury of spending that time with the kiddo while we wait for our yummy dinner. This was just MR bumming around and being his goofy self.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Comedy of errors

It all started yesterday. Well maybe it all really started this past Monday when BL left for his business trip. It's his first with the new job and he was scheduled to be away until returning late tonight. Of course the day he left was the day we found out MR had pneumonia, and so started our week of containment and crankiness. It was generally bearable, aside from the extra tantrums and poopy diapers, until yesterday morning. I decided that we needed out of the house, even if in some small way, so I prepared us for an outing to grab some starbucks and go for a drive. The getting ready process finished we got out the door, which I promptly locked, and I started the car to defrost. While waiting for this to happen the kiddo and I walked to the mailbox and spent some time wandering around in the front yard. The car started looking habitable so I went to open the door. It didn't open. The car was running, and the doors were locked. With my purse, cell phone, extra set of keys and everything else that might have possibly saved me from this awful situation. It was a frosty 8:30 am and I was locked out of house and running automobile with my sick kid. Great. The one small fortunate thing in this all is that we only live about a mile from where my mom works, so I headed out with MR and walked to her work. This in itself was no small task as the MR is currently in a no-hand-holding phase so I had to carry him the whole way. Hello braxton-hicks, which by the way have already started. Fun thing about second pregnancies. We made it to her work, called AAA and half an hour later I was once again reunited with all my worldly possessions. We still went for starbucks.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Stickers, Raisins, and Pneumonia

MR decided that having a regular ol' cold was for babies and went for something a little more interesting, like pneumonia. Fortunately it is a small case, but the poor little bug still has some nasty bacteria hanging out in his lungs. Hopefully not for much longer as the doctor has him on some antibiotics which should rid him of the cough he has been saddled with for the last two weeks and bring back our happy, healthy boy. Considering his already compromised immune system, we are on house arrest for the next couple of days. Seeing as 'outside' is one of MR's top most iterated words, this prospect is highly unattractive to him. Today's highlights: discovering he likes raisins, and rediscovering his already known love of stickers.

I know his face doesn't seem to be expressing enjoyment of the raisins, but he kept going back for that red container several times during the day. It was one of the few things he was willing to consume. Sick boys are picky. So here's to rest and recovery, and hopefully no more pneumonia.