Saturday, February 14, 2009

Behind the curtain

When I started this blog it was because I needed a separate space from the blog I had already begun when my first child was born. That forum was meant entirely for the friends and family members who were (then) so far away and required regular updating and of course pictures. It wasn't an appropriate place for me to express my feelings though, and in those early months I really did need somewhere to go with all of that. In a way the original blog is sterile in that it was entirely dedicated to the mister, not my feelings about breastfeeding or why my mother was driving me crazy that week or really anything about the deeper me. Not that I am all that deep, but still. A lot went on in that first year, and I just needed a place to express myself - anonymously.

I feel comfortable enough now that the idea of sharing my name, our names, doesn't seem so scary. I still worry that family members and people who I haven't shared this blog with intentionally might find me here, but then that is really a consequence I have been courting since putting my life and words out into the blogosphere. So hi, my name is Jeni. I'm married to Andy, and our first born son's name is Skyler. And this guy (direct your attention to uterus level): going to be called Mason.


Ann(ie) said...

Hi Jeni,
YOU KNOW I love me that name!!!! YAY. What a good choice.
Matt, Annie, Ben and (soon to be) Noah

Jamie said...

It is so neat to see all of your names!

And I love the name Mason! Very cute!!

Soupy said...

AHHH! Love the name (My nephew is Mason !:)

Hello, jeni! LOL

Pregnantly Plump said...

It's nice to officially meet you!

Maremone said...

was it scary to come out?

kristine said...

Wow. I have known you all this time as MIP that you can't even look like a Jeni to me! HA!
So nice to meet you as Jeni! LOve the name Mason. It was top pn the list before we came across Parker. I knew MIster's name was Skyler. I remembered seeing it in a picure you had posted. His name was on the wall, I believe.
Not sure how long ago (if you even did) announce that you were having a boy - but congratulations!!!

Anonymous said...

All of your names "go" together :) I LOVE both the names of your boys.

Sara Luke said...

Awww . . . you look so cute!

Kristi said...

Very cool! Happy "coming out"! ;)

And I love the name choice.