Friday, February 13, 2009

Veinte y dos

Dear Mister-
Do you realize that there are only two months between now and your second birthday? Not that this period of time has anything to do with some monumental transition in how you behave, I am already convinced (and apparently so are you) that you are already a two year old at heart, if not perhaps three. You are such a big little man. You want to do everything for yourself, you have become very adamant in being treated as a little boy and not a baby. You no longer sit in a high chair at home, you sit in a regular chair. This has made dining out at restaurants a new challenge, as you abhor sitting in their high chairs and make no bones about expressing this. I just fear the freedom of a booster seat, you don't share this concern.

Your vocabulary is astounding, you enjoy pointing out everyday objects and telling us what it is. You will tell us that this is Daddy's coat, or this car is blue, and so on. It is strange and wonderful all at the same time to almost be able to converse with you. Of course some who meet you may not realize just how verbal you are because you have suddenly become very shy. I think this is because you have now become so very self aware, you know that you are you and you alone. This is an interesting development and I will look to see where it leads.

Despite this newfound social shyness you are just as adventurous as ever, if not more so. You have become quite the little climber, I think we need to get you to a jungle gym. Tables, chairs, the random baby furniture we have started to pull out for your brother - you try to conquer it all. I think you have truly come into your own in recognizing your little body's capabilities, and are ready to exercise it. You are very much a little monkey.

We love you so much and are so amazed by the affectionate and sweet little person you are becoming. Happy 22 kiddo!