Friday, February 20, 2009

New duds

Courtesy of Jamie, over at Sticky Feet (part deux), Skyler received a new shirt today. I won her giveaway for a cute customized shirt from Little Uni, which now having seen just how cute said shirt is I am seriously considering buying his birthday shirt from the same place.

Skyler loooooves cars, so he really enjoyed his new car shirt. He put it to good use throughout the day. He 'cooked' with Daddy in his new shirt:

This provided Skyler with an opportunity to mess up his new shirt and gave Andy a way of disposing some of his expired spices. Everybody won, except me I suppose because I then had to wash the shirt.

Kiddo also road tested a new hat while cruising around in his spiffy new shirt. Thanks again Jamie, and to the rest of you be sure to stop by her site and wish her a big congrats. She just found out that her number two will also be number three as well - twins!


Jamie said...

Aww!! The shirt turned out so cute! I really do love their shirts. I think Bo's birthday shirt will probably be from there next year as well. :)

Thanks for linking to me too. :) I always love a little link love. :)

Pregnantly Plump said...

Very cute shirt! And the hat really makes the outfit.