Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Toddler travel - the North Carolina edition

Done. Done with my last flight before Mason's arrival. And likely my last flight ever again with a toddler. If family, or anyone, wishes to see the children prior to their turning five they are welcome to come and visit. I, however, will not willingly board a plane and agree to enclose myself in a small cabin with an almost two year old for any extended period of time. Ever. It wasn't the worst it could have been, but then it certainly wasn't the best. Skyler did do an admirable job in the airports, and for about 3/4 of the overall flight time. But the last 1/4 that was filled with crying, flailing, and screaming was really enough to outweigh all the sweet, quiet play time that might have preceded said events. Dealing with a thrashing, tantrum throwing toddler will pinned between my mother and a complete (and unsympathetic) stranger... shudder.

That said, everything about the trip that occurred outside of the plane and the airport was lovely. Skyler absolutely thrived in all the fresh air and sunshine. My grandmother lives directly off of a golf course in the midst of a forest of pine trees. Lots of green and open spaces and dirt to dig and play in. It was really quite ideal, and a huge improvement over the conditions (hotel room) we had when visiting family in New Mexico.

It was really just a lot of fun to watch Skyler experience the outdoors at this age. Since it has still been too cold back home for him to enjoy any extended periods of time outside this was really the first time, as a toddler, that he has had full reign of an outdoor environment. He loved it. He played with his cars and tractors in the dirt, ran wild around the local park, tried to climb the tree in my grandma's backyard. He even experienced something I remember enjoying about visiting my grandparents when I was younger: the golf cart. Big perk of having a grandparent that lives off of a golf course, they drive these things everywhere. It took a bit of convincing each time to get him out of this thing, but he was awfully cute in his devotion to it. Unfortunately for him, owning such a thing where we live is both unlikely and impractical.

I was worried about how he would react to my grandma, not only because she was stranger but one in a wheel chair. Missing a leg. These are things that aren't very easy to explain to a toddler. He was pretty wary of her for the first day or so, but frankly I think he was more concerned about not knowing her in general than of her being on wheels. I think he actually liked her wheelchair, he is a big fan of all things mobile. I can't say if he even processed the fact that she was missing a limb, but atleast he didn't make a show of noticing it or act scared around her. Ignorance is bliss in a toddler I guess.

Physically I was a wreck after this trip, as I was with the first one. There is just no getting comfortable when pregnant and travelling. I was immensely relieved to be returned back to my own bed, and pillow, and the waiting help of my husband. My family is on notice, this pregnant lady doesn't fly anymore.


Pregnantly Plump said...

I don't blame you about the not flying decision. Flying with a toddler is hard, even if he does behave most of the time. I'm glad your stay over was nice.

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

No joke. No more traveling! Gad you had fun, though.