Wednesday, April 1, 2009


So we might/probably/I think we do have a date of birth for our little Mason man. Assuming that things don't go wildly off target, and that scheduling doesn't switch on us, Mason Alexander should be arriving into this world on Friday June 19th. That's 11 weeks away! *Gulp*

I went and had a doctor's appointment this morning and all is well. Mason's heart is beating away in the 130's and he was nice and squirmy for the doctor. Could be because I had to do glucose test part deux, lovely thing about having GD in a prior pregnancy - you get to take the tolerance test twice! Blech. Hopefully I continue to be diabetes free, we will find out in the next few days. Then the doctor brought up the idea of scheduling, which I had been meaning to do myself. Since my original due date was the 26th(ish) we are going ahead with things exactly a week prior to that. Shouldn't be an issue as the little bean has been measuring ahead by a week anyways. Just crazy to think that I can mark it on the calendar now, and really feel the heat of the countdown. Perhaps it's time to actually get serious about putting together the nursery?

In less pleasant news, I will be off on a plane again tomorrow. This time for an even longer duration (with a layover!) to go and visit my ailing grandmother in North Carolina. With my mother and Skyler in tow. While 28 weeks pregnant. Can you feel the impending doom? I can. This in the end will be a good thing, it will give my grandma a chance to finally meet Skyler and (sort of) Mason. Also considering that travelling of this sort really won't be in the cards for us for about another year... who knows what can happen in a year. My grandma has been healthy for all her eighty some years, up until lately. I would hate to think that I left things too late all because of some temporary discomfort. Unfortunately that discomfort starts tomorrow at 8:30 am and won't stop until sometime around midnight next Monday. *Sigh*. Anybody familiar with the use of benadryl on toddlers for extended periods of flight?


Pregnantly Plump said...

Good luck on the flight! Will one of the flights be during naptime? I'm glad your mother will be there with you, and I hope the turbulence isn't bad.

Anonymous said...

By now, the plane adventure has begun and ended. Hope it went smoothly!

HORRAY for a date!! I'm a planner and with Morgan, I had NO CLUE when she'd be here and it drove me insane.

Hope you're feeling okay and have a nice visit with your Grandmother!!

Ann(ie) said...

OH good luck on the flight girlie. It's not easy with a toddler and being preggo. My lil guy should be arriving 4 days after yours!!!!! Should be an exciting few days for the both of us.....and I too need to get myself going on the playroom. Still need to paint....I'm procrastinating like crazy!! Have a great visit with your Gma!

Kristi said...

How exciting that you have a birthday for Mason!

I have no experience flying with a toddler, so I'll only say good luck! I hope your grandma is better soon.

kristine said...

How exciting!!!