Saturday, March 8, 2008

Objects in chair are smaller than they appear

Oh my gosh, look how big my little baby looks in this chair! His Nana, ever the active consumer, bought him this cute little chair from Pottery Barn and as soon as we plopped him in it he somehow morphed from my baby to a little boy. I stand by the belief that it's miniature size lends him a more grown air, but still. Where did those long legs come from, when did he stop looking like a little bean and more like a little person? I guess he really is getting older.

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kristine said...

Your son is adorable and it is amazing how big they look in "big kid stuff" Thanks for visiting my blog. Are you just a visitor that stumbled upon me or do I know you? It's hard to tell from your picture... sorry, if this offends you or I do *know* you... :)
Anyways - I am happy to have another reader and find another blog to read and comment on! :)