Tuesday, March 11, 2008


For those of you out there who don't speak (or read) Spanish the title is not once, as in a singular occurrence, but once as in own-say the number eleven. Though I suppose that mister will only ever be eleven months old once, so it applies both ways. At any rate, today marks MR's eleventh month and I cannot believe, no really this time I mean it, that he is already this close to being a year old. How did we get here so fast? While down visiting we had an opportunity to see our friend's Josh and Becca's little girl MeeAe who is six and a half months old, as well as Mae's cousin Hiro who is just now two months old. It is amazing to look at their different developmental stages and recall that once MR was that small, and yes we remember when he hit that half year mark and how we were amazed then at the time that had passed up to that point. It really is incredible, and he is going to hop over that year mark before we know it and be moving along just as steadily past it.

We spent part of this day up in the air returning from our trip home. Having spent so many trips up in the air now with this little mister made me recall how much he has changed since the first time we dared to take him on an airplane when he was still a wee bitty bit. I remember how terrified I was of how he might behave, or misbehave, during that short one hour flight. I have to laugh at that now because of his then complete lack of capacity to create mischief, especially compared to the little wiggle worm we had accompanying us today. He still behaved brilliantly as always, but he was much more of a handful than before. He wanted to be up, he wanted to be down, he wanted to hang backwards off of the seat while swinging his firefly toy. In short he wanted to be everywhere. This kid is just bursting with energy and vitality.

So happy eleven months today mister, we love you and can't believe how you have managed to sneakily turn into such a little boy without our even realizing it. Here we come one year.

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