Friday, March 28, 2008

Me, in alphabetical order

I'm being a copycat and borrowing this idea from Kristine. Here we go, the ABC's of me:

A- My age is 24, soon to be 25 in May
B- I was born in California and have no desire to ever live there again
C- I can cook fairly well, but never really do because BL lives to cook
D- I have two dogs, both are very unintelligent
E- All of my dad's side of the family lives on the East coast, I rarely see them
F- I really don't like the number four, in any context
G- I am terrible about filling the gas tank, it is one of the things my husband loves me most for
H- I am thrilled they are making the last Harry Potter movie a two-parter, more movies for me!
I- I love mint chocolate chip ice cream
J- My first name starts with the letter J
K- Three of my five bridesmaids had names that started with the letter K
L- I love Lord of the Rings, movies and books, yes- I am a nerd
M- My major in school was Marketing
N- I dislike the word nape, it sounds innately dirty to me
O- My ancestors were the founders of Sandusky, Ohio
P- I am afraid to have a girl because of all the princess crap they have out there
Q- I love the word quixotic, but I don't think I have ever really had occasion to use it (until now)
R- I am deathly afraid of raccoons due to a freak encounter when I was a little girl scout
S- I HATE snow
T- The only time I have ever been on a train is when my friend and I used Eurail backpacking through Europe
U- I prefer to have a bedroom upstairs, I don't feel safe sleeping on the first floor of a house
V- We are moving to Vancouver
W- Washington
X- All I've got is xylophone, sorry
Y- I really want to visit New York
Z- I am looking forward to taking MR to the zoo when warmer weather finally arrives


Pregnantly Plump said...

That's a fun post! We're looking forward to zoo trips as well.

Anonymous said...

How fun was this?!

And *I* am in NY. Come visit ME. bedrooms are on the first floor so, you'll either have to sleep in a hotel or stay awake the entire time you're here :)

kristine said...

Fun! I'm glad you enjoyed it enough to do it yourself. I can see what you are saying about 'nape' I guess I agree....