Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Me and Mae

First off, yay! we are home. It's a funny kind of feeling, where I am glad that we are back "home" in our house, with our stuff, and MR's familiar environment. Yet this is definitely not home, but then we are getting closer to that. While we were back visiting MR got a chance to meet back up with his little friend MeeAe, Mae for short, whom we haven't seen since November when she was about three months old. Her parents are friends of ours from back in high school, and we have rekindled our friendship in the interest of making baby friends and parental solidarity. Things seem to be going well, which is nice for me.

MR seemed much more impressed with Mae's personality this time around, as she was much more interactive and actually seemed to notice he was present. Having him around another baby did show me that he needs this kind of interaction much more frequently, as he seemed kind of aloof and unsure what to do with Mae at first. He warmed up to her though as the playdate went on.

It was also fun to see Mae at her little six month stage and remember how it was when mister was just turning the corner from vegetable to silly baby. Of course BL made sure to share with her parents my confession of pregnancy amnesia, thanks sweetheart, so now I am sure they envision me full of baby lust while looking at their sweet little girl. I seriously can't take that man anywhere.

Anyways, it was a lot of fun to see MR spend some good one-on-one baby time and I am really excited at the prospect of more playdates to come in the near future.

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