Thursday, March 6, 2008

Tomorrow, tomorrow

I'm really looking forward to our trip home tomorrow. This week has been a trial and half for the three of us with BL's work drama and we all could really use a break. I'm just looking forward to some downtime, uninterrupted showers (thanks Grandma), and catching up with some good friends. And though we have had some much improved weather in these parts, the temperature is sure to be at least ten degrees higher there. It might be premature and presumptuous but I bought MR some sunscreen just in case. Ah, I can hope. Also trips home always include a new hoard of cute clothes waiting at Nana's house for the MR, and I am a sucker for Carter's. Is it sad that I get so excited over new clothes for my boy?...don't answer that. So have a good weekend all, and cross your fingers for us that MR continues his good flight behavior.

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Anonymous said...

A trip home is always good for the soul :)