Saturday, March 1, 2008

Please to explain

How is it that my generally sweet and easygoing child has now somehow transformed into a clingy banshee? This has to be a growth spurt, teething, something that will be over soon. The last three days have been less than pleasant as MR has refused to be put down without pulling his stiff-as-a-board act and crying, had more mood swings than me at nine months, and has just generally been a poo. I love my baby, I do I do I do, but this behavior is starting to grate. He has been through these sort of phases before, with separation anxiety and growing his six present teeth, but still. Fortunately he looks like this, so he gets away with it.

You're lucky you're cute pal

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pianomomsicle said...

my one-year-old David is like that, too. He started up his clinginess at about 10 months. i have been trying to cure him of it, by leaving him in the church nursery with a toy, just so he has to be away from me for a while. He has gotten much better, but he's still definitely his mommy's boy!