Monday, March 17, 2008

Erin go bragh

Happy St. Paddy's day everyone, though really this holiday doesn't seem to mean much in my world any more. I am old enough to not have to worry about being pinched for not wearing green, and my lifestyle isn't really conducive to me going out and downing some green pints. So I satisfied my holiday hunger by dressing up MR in green instead. His Nana had already picked him up the outfit, so really minimal effort on my part.

Funny story about one of MR's nicknames. We had THE worst time EVER picking out a name for our little guy. We argued for months over what to call him, we differed quite strongly on what could be considered a unique name and what wandered over the line to damaging/stupid. I will let you imagine which side I thought I landed on. Anyways, around six months pg I told BL that this weekend would be the weekend that we chose a name, I was tired of arguing.

So we returned to all of our compromise names and happened upon the name that graces our child today. One of the selling points, for BL, was that his full name could be shortened to a name also shared with a set of islands off of the Irish coast. Note that this was at a time when both a)BL's family thought they were largely Irish in heritage, and b)I mistakenly claimed the islands were off the Irish coast. Weeel, come to find that his family is only a pinch Irish and more so Scottish and those islands? They are off the Scottish coast, erm, not the Irish. So you see, things all worked out in the end, but BL did not thank me for allowing him to go several months under the mistaken assumption that those isles were Irish. How was I to know he would share that "fact" with so many people.

Here comes trouble


Anonymous said...

Now? I'm SO curious about his name. I may even have to do research and take a few geogrophy classes :)

St. Patrick's Day doesn't mean much to me, either. I am Irish, so that's odd that it doesn't mean much. Once upon a time, I use to spend the day drinking. Now? I'm too old for that crap. Besides, Morgan wouldn't understand why she was needing to get her own lunch and change her own diaper due to Mommy being under the weather :)

Pregnantly Plump said...

Such cute pictures! What a sweet little leprechaun. I've always liked the whole dressing up in green thing, but have never lived in a place where the holiday was really celebrated. Glad your heritage/geography mistakes turned out to be correct in the end!