Sunday, March 2, 2008

House break

I didn't want to say jail break, because referring to home as jail just doesn't seem right, regardless of how long we have been cooped up in there. Of course we get out for quick trips here and there on a regular basis, but the winter weather doesn't allow for too much dallying between getting in and out of the car. The sun has been slowly making itself more and more present over the last week or so, and today we actually reached what I am sure was a balmy fifty degrees (if that). Regardless, I seized the chance and took MR and myself down to the trail near campus to enjoy the outdoors and what little warmth this precursor to spring might offer. It was pretty enjoyable, and mister really enjoyed seeing the ducks swimming around. I'm really looking forward to warmer weather and maybe a trip to the zoo, MR really seems to love animals. He is very aware of them when they are around. It felt good to get some fresh air too. Cross your fingers for us and hope for no more snow.

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