Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bunnies don't lay eggs

It's true, they don't, but as a small child those Cadbury commercials had me believing the contrary for longer than I would like to admit. Don't worry, I will make sure MR is not similarly misled.

Happy Easter to everyone, we here enjoyed our day with some traditional activities and plenty of candy (Reese's why are you so delicious?). We dyed eggs and then made MR "search" for them. He has a little Dino Drop and Roar we hid the eggs in, there are lots of little hidey-holes in that thing, so it worked pretty well. It didn't last long, no big surprise, as each egg quickly met and vicious, crunchy death. We thought he would at least try to put one of the eggs in his mouth but he is in a new stage where he likes to throw things...the eggs were no different. All in all lots of fun for our MR's first Easter, the rest can be said with pictures:

One of the few times in his life he will be able to pull off pastel

Clearly intrigued, but not enough to drop his Mum Mum

Happy, shiny eggs...they never saw it coming

Come out, come out

About to deliver the final blow


Pregnantly Plump said...

So cute! Looks like lots of fun! Happy Easter.

pianomomsicle said...

So cute! It looks like you had a fun day.
My little guy is a bit older than yours, but he didn't search for eggs. Next year he will.

kristine said...

Very cute! Graycen is old enough but we didn't search for eggs either. Looks like fun, though!