Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Nice guys should finish first

My husband is a nice guy. I will admit that I am necessarily biased, but really truly he is a rare genuine person. He puts my cynical, less-nice self to shame and I am always amazed by his ability to keep being positive and being able to persist in the face of, well, assholes. Amidst all of the drama involved with my FIL and our attempting to move etcetera he has had to continue working underneath less than pleasant conditions. He's incredible at his job and despite the personal benefits of our having left sooner he insisted upon staying long enough not to leave them in a lurch. His job works around the school year, so May would have been an ideal time to depart.

Enter now the events of today, in which some incredibly malicious and downright deceitful employees who work underneath him filed a list of unfounded grievances against him. These are the people who bring down others in order to self-preserve. There has to be a scapegoat, and apparently my nice-guy husband looks like a good one. If it were me I know that I probably would have done something passive-aggressively vicious in return. Instead it is my sweet understanding husband who is left feeling betrayed and bewildered by this strange turn of events. It just kind of leaves my trust in human decency a little shaken. It always seems that the nice guys get taken advantage of, left to be held accountable.

We are taking this as a sign, and if things go as planned he will be giving his month's notice next week. So in the end this will all push us towards the end we have been trying to achieve, getting us outta here and back to home. Still, I wish the ends could have come by better means.

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pianomomsicle said...

i'm sorry! That sucks! Good luck with everything, and thanks for commenting on my blog!