Friday, May 9, 2008

Mom hair

See, I told you I would do it. I am sure by now you all thought that I had chickened out on the whole haircut issue. Well, proof positive, I most certainly did get some hairs cut. A whole lot of hairs actually, I didn't ask the stylist how long the tail was that she chopped off but it was long enough to donate so that was good enough for me. I certainly didn't need the hair anymore, so why not give it to someone who did?

I told BL that the one thing I really wanted for Mother's day was a hair cut. It had been so very long since I had even gotten a trim, and I just wanted some freshening up. New city, new stage, I needed new hair. So BL called me up on Thursday and notified me that I would be getting my Mother's day wish a few days early, my appointment was at six. He'd made it at a nice new salon a friend had recommended to me, which turned out to be really nice and worlds trendier than anything I have ever been too. It was a really fun experience though and I was so pleased with what I ended up with.

If this is a "mom" cut, count me in


kristine said...

The cut looks awesome!! Makes you look younger (not that you're old!) you look fresh, I guess you could say!! Happy Mother's Day

Pregnantly Plump said...

I love your new haircut! And it looks great on you... did the MR get a haircut as well? I so dread that with Little Elvis, but think it's still a long, LONG way off. What a nice Mother's Day present. I got a haircut for Christmas last year and it was just what I wanted.
Happy Mother's Day!