Saturday, May 17, 2008

Baby of the sea

Since coming back to Vancouver we have had the pleasure of far warmer weather than what we had become accustomed to in Spokane. Today and yesterday though were above and beyond, we hit the nineties! This was an entirely new experience for the mister, last summer he was pretty oblivious to the sweltering Spokane heat. Seeing as it's pretty much a rite of passage to own a cheap, plastic kiddie pool at some point before the age of three we decided that today was as good as any bright sunny day and went out to buy one for the MR. Thanks Fred Meyer.

He really enjoyed sitting outside of the pool and sloshing around the contents (sans trunks) and even continued to enjoy the experience one we had (re)pantsed him and plopped him in the water. He crawled around in it and did some cute little splashing, proving yet again that so many children's toys are designed as much for the parents entertainment as for the kid's.

It was great to just relax outside and enjoy the weather and our little kiddo. As MR gets older it's alot of fun to witness these kinds of firsts. Incidentally he had his first taste of Slurpee today as well, he enjoyed the pool much more.

After the pool he spent the rest of the interim before his bedtime lolling around in our laps drinking water. It was a big day for the little guy, I think he and summer will get along just fine though.

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Anonymous said...

How cute!! I wish we were having that weather--it's been in the 50's and 60's here in NY the last two days and I'm TIRED of it :)

Enjoy the weather and that adorable little boy!!