Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Diez y nueve, belated

Dear Mister-

So I am a little late this month, seven days actually. Time flies by so fast lately it hardly occurred to me that I had missed this update until today when I was remembering that you are indeed nineteen months old now. Not going to lie kiddo, I also have been have a rough couple of weeks incubating this new sibling of yours. So it has been hard to blog, or to remember to blog, when I generally fall asleep about a half hour after you do at 8:00.You are such a big boy now, and here's how I know. You say please and thank you when you want and get something. You have a name for so many things now, always pointing out the apples, airplanes, and keys in our world. When climbing the stairs, you now want to "walk" up them, using the railing as your guide. You are getting better about holding our hands, and enjoy getting out an about to see the great wide world. You have also become very self aware, even telling us when you need to go to the bathroom. True, sometimes you tell us when it is too late, and you have already committed the act, but you are really very good about this. The M&M treat you get after using the potty might have something to do with that.

A little story about your awareness, and a small character portrait of you at this point in time. We went out for an ice cream run the other evening, Daddy insisted that you should get a cone. No bowl and spoon for this little boy. Considering that the ride home was conducted in near pitch black conditions, and this was your first encounter with ice cream in a cone; well the results were a bit messy. It was worth it though, regardless of how sticky and chocolatey you came out of it. We got you out of the car and into the house, where the light let you see the brown mess that had become your little fingers. You insisted that I clean them. You don't really care to be messy. I wiped off your hands but only took a cursory swipe at your face since it was almost bath time, and you were ready to move on to more interesting things. Come bath time though you stood up in front of the mirror to brush your teeth, like every night, and you came face to face with what should have been your clean and smiling likeness. Not so. You knew that you were looking at yourself, but your self did not look quite right with all the smudges and smears. Before we could move any further forward with the teeth brushing (a favorite activity, I must add), you wanted your face cleaned and back to normal. As I wiped away the chocolate you kept pointing to different spots that I had missed or not gotten yet. Finally you saw you again, and that made you happy. It may not seem like a big thing, but it just shows me once again what a smart and sensitive little person you are becoming.

You are also a big boy, size wise. We so often see other children your age who are literally almost a foot shorter than you are. You are hovering around three feet, and weigh in at about thirty pounds. You also wear a size 8 shoe. Big boy.

Thank you for another good month bug bear, we love you.


Anonymous said...

He's so cute! He looks so happy :)

Ann(ie) said...

He is so adorable. Are they not the biggest joy in life? I hear ya on the tired part. Man is this first trimester kicking my butt. meh. Hang in there, sugar!! I so know the exhaustion you're feeling!