Saturday, November 22, 2008

8 weeks 3 days, as the belly grows

So regardless of the fact that the little bean in my belly is only about the size of a gummy bear, according to internet sources, my belly is definitely exhibiting signs of residency. I was looking back at some of the early pictures I had from my pregnancy with the MR (of which there are sadly few prior to about 5-6 months) and things seem to be on track. I guess I just show earlier.

For the last half of this past week things in the nausea/exhaustion department have become a little more manageable. I learned from last time that it is highly helpful for me to regularly dose myself with snacks, and this time around I am finding that those snacks are better received if they are not a)sugary or b)full o' sodium. I am already starting to be more careful about these two, as I am hoping to forego a round two with the gestational diabetes, but I have also noticed that my body (and temperament) are less receptive to these kind of snacks. So lots of apples, yogurt, and string cheese for me. Not necessarily a bad thing. I am not sure if this more careful monitoring of my meals is responsible for the slight lifting of the fog I had been trudging through these last few weeks, but I will take what I can get.
So what do you think, does this look like the belly of an eight(ish) week pregnant lady?

P.S. Yes, those are already maternity pants, they are just more comfortable, k?


Pregnantly Plump said...

I think you look great! I had all the exhaustion, but not really much of the nausea, but it's good to know about the snacks.
I didn't develop an actual belly -- my waist got thicker, but rounder, does that make sense? I didn't get really round until about 5 months. I just looked like I was gaining weight, not pregnant. I think it's better to look pregnant.

kristine said...

I agree - you do look great!!
Good for you for moving to maternity pants. I did it probably around 8 weeks as well!!

Kristi said...

Very cute belly. I showed much earlier the second time around too (of course, I had two babies inside), but in general, I think that's true. And yeah, maternity pants are SO much more comfortable.