Thursday, April 17, 2008


My husband and I had a disagreement last night. A stupid one. So stupid that it's not even what this post is about. There is one little piece of the argument that is still sticking with me though. He wanted me to run an errand, which I was going to do, but first I needed to put on my makeup. This made no sense to him. It was a quick trip, it would take me as long to make the run out as it would to prepare for it. And why bother anyways, I was freshly showered and cleaner looking than himself. In guy speak, this means I was good to go. I can't say this was the first time I had reflected upon the inequity of the pains women take to prepare themselves for public consumption versus that of men. I didn't use to always need makeup to walk out the door, quite often in my college years I would run to the store or the library as bare-faced as when I woke up. Now I can't remember the last time I walked out the door without my foundation applied and mascara on. I even will confess to wearing light makeup to the gym. Did this change because now I'm a mom? Is this my one little way of still feeling decent enough for other people's viewing? It's a small thing, and my regimen is pretty minimal. Foundation, blush, and mascara. But still I don't feel comfortable going outside without it. I know I am not the only woman who feels this way. I also know I am not above looking at another woman out and about make-up free and wonder about her reasoning. Did she not have time? Does she not care? I guess these are the things I worry other people will wonder about me.

This doesn't mean I am going to stop wearing make-up, I wear it for myself and my husband too not just for strangers. It just made me think a little bit more about my reasons. It also guilted me into going to Starbucks this morning without my "face" on. Wanna see?

Needs coffee

This is the face my son sees everyday, because if I am not going out then I am not making up. This is the face that I've been given to live with for these past (almost) twenty five years. And this is the face my barista had to smile at this morning. Not so bad I guess:)

Though the content of this post was inspired by my marital squabble, I must own that the form it took had been lurking in mah brain since I read HBM's (and others) Portraits of Truthiness


Pregnantly Plump said...

I think you look good without your "face," but I understand. If we're just going out for a walk, I don't put on anything more than moisturizer with SPF. But if we're going to be seen in public -- and I'm in a hurry -- then I put something on to cover up my dark circles, blush and mascara. I am the color of a ghost, if not paler. I look kind of sick without blush.

kristine said...

I agree - you look good without the face on. I am the same way, though. I can't step out without mascara. I look like such a different person without it on though - since I am a redhead and have barely there eyebrows and lashes, i feel I am not "myself" without it... I feel your pain!

Emilie said...

"I also know I am not above looking at another woman out and about make-up free and wonder about her reasoning. Did she not have time? Does she not care?"

Speaking for myself, I've always been an "all natural" type of person, and I'm comfortable in my own face. I think I look fine without makeup and don't feel that I need to wear it. (Although I admit I don't like to leave the house without lipstick, or at least lip gloss.)