Thursday, April 17, 2008

Freedom interrupted

The kiddo, now being so mobile and all, presented us with the need for some form of containment. Especially since we are moving and there are items laying about that generally are kept away from little hands. And MR is fast now, like baby lightning. So we went out and got ourselves (well really MR) a play yard. Already I love this thing and am wondering why this purchase was not made sooner.

Up to this point I would rely on either his bouncy chair (when he was younger/smaller) and then his walker to keep him somewhat contained if I needed to leave his presence momentarily. Of course the bouncy chair lost it's usability quickly, and the walker never really put a total stop to his mischief-making when I was out of the room. Generally I would come back and find that he had pulled something off of a shelf or knocked something over in my absence. You can see then why this new buy has me so excited.

For his part MR doesn't seem to notice that this device is meant to hinder his wanderings (yet). He did notice that it prevented him from reaching the on/off button on the television, which he attempted to rectify by chewing on the offending gate panel. Other than that he seems to enjoy having his own space where he is generally safe from mommy's 'No, don't touch that's'. And I am glad that now I have somewhere I can place MR and not find him gnawing on the cat's scratching post thirty seconds later (yes, this has happened).

Oh, and as a side note to go with the above picture- the mister understands the word monkey. He has two stuffed monkey dolls (one being pictured), and about a week ago he started responding to the word monkey by going and finding one of the two. This is particularly humorous because BL's dad, MR's Grandpa, tends to use monkey as a curse word. Random, I know, and if I attempted to explain it you still wouldn't get it. So for monkey to be one of the words MR so clearly understands it should be interesting next time he is around Grandpa.


Anonymous said...

I had wanted one of those when Morgan was younger. I always meant to get one, but by the time I got around to it, she was..well, she was two. Sometimes, I want one for outside. Our back "yard" isn't fenced and it borders one of the main roads for our complex. She's usually super good about not going beyond the tree line, but it's that ONE time that she might that worries me.

Have I ever told you how freakin' adorable he is?! He's beautiful!!

Pregnantly Plump said...

I love the new look! And the new play yard looks great! We just have gates, but I think the play yards are really cool.

The Burp Cloth Babe said...

Looks good...gotta get one of those! :)