Monday, April 14, 2008

Long weekend

This past weekend was a LOT of work. It was all stuff that needed to be done, but now that I am taking a moment to sit down and reflect... I am tired. The mother is back in town helping us out by watching the MR while BL and I have been getting down to the business of moving out. We are planning on officially vacating the premises the last week of April, so we had to take advantage of having some solid time to get work done. This weekend wasn't so much about packing as it was of getting rid of that which would not be packed. Though it's been almost three years since we both graduated college we have still been trailing our collegiate belongings in beat-up boxes since then. A lot of that stuff is gone now, and good riddance. I won't even tell you how many trips to the dump we made, because the amount of waste we contributed is slightly embarrassing. I have no idea how that much stuff managed to hide in the corners of this house, because even now that it's all gone it doesn't seem like we did much. Some lucky Goodwill shoppers will be the recipients of my old clothes that no longer fit and the household goods inherited from roommates past. Those nasty recliners that have been sitting in the basement; gone. The general flotsam of broken cardboard, old dog beds, and other nameless garbage- gone, gone, gone. It's a huge weight lifted, and a very large check off our list.

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