Friday, April 11, 2008


MR turned one year old today! I don't even know how this happened so quickly, BL keeps saying he wishes it would all slow down and I have to say I agree with him. Considering how quickly this last year went, I am afraid the many to follow will pass with the same velocity. I am so amazed by my big little man and all that he has managed to become in this past year. You know we have to walk down memory lane to commemorate this event. Here we go...

Ah, hello very pregnant self. Here I am waiting for the anesthesiologist to take me away so they could shoot me full of epidural. Several things led up to this moment. We knew the mister was going to be a big boy, our shared genes and my gestational diabetes assured that. With the risk factors hovering around the tail end of my pregnancy we decided to have a c-section. I can't say I was disappointed by this outcome, I was never very attached to how the birth would occur as long as it ended with a healthy baby in my arms. So when my trusted doctor pronounced this as his medical opinion, we went with it. The receptionist went to check the schedule and came back to us with 'How's tomorrow?'. Tomorrow would be April 11th, six days before my anticipated due date. We were shocked, who knew it could be so routine to schedule the arrival of our child. Did we want to be parents tomorrow?

So we got up that next morning, prepared ourselves as much as we could and left for the hospital. Which led to the moment above. Which then led to this moment, at 3:59 p.m.

Look at that squidgy little face, that there is 8lbs 15oz of baby chunk. 21 inches long, for posterity. The next few weeks, really months, that followed were a blur. By the time we managed to catch our breath and feel a little more on the ball he was already growing so fast, and time just flew by. And now I have a one year old, and doesn't he know it. He is every where and into everything. He laughs when his daddy tickles his tummy, and he growls (yes growls) when he wants to be a ham. Which is quite frequent, our little boy is such a goof. He loves to hear us laugh and when he catches us laughing at something he has done, he repeats it. He plays peekaboo and patty cake, and he loves to chase after all his little balls and toys. He's just so big.

Happy One Year bug, we love you


kristine said...

Oooh... Memories... Happy Birthday MR and congrats mom and dad on making it through the first year. It's tough but so worth it!

Pregnantly Plump said...

What a big baby!! It's amazing how quickly the time flies isn't it?