Tuesday, May 26, 2009

That's new

We are "potty training" the mister. I use that term oh so loosely, because really we aren't doing anything active in this endeavor beyond asking him if he wants to use the potty every hour or so, and assisting him if he assents. He uses it about five times a day, give or take, and hasn't really shown any dislike towards the process. This all leads to my story about how I was just summoned by our sleepy child so that he could use the potty. Now Skyler, and I am sure many other two year olds, uses any number of excuses to avoid bedtime. Saying he needs to potty could likely have been one of them, but since we are trying this "training" I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. Sure enough he had to go, and did, and then pulled up his own little pants, flushed the toilet and allowed himself to be put back to bed. That's new.

And so that you aren't left with all story and no pictures. Some other things that are new:

Skyler tries to take pictures of himself, with varying levels of success. Mostly he just holds the (wrong side) of the lens up to his eyeball and says "Skylah cheese!". I helped him with this one.

My child likes to pick things up and hold them with his toes. This lovely and strange trait is sadly inherited from me.

Skyler is getting better at handling, and not eating, play doh. He was rolling out 'snakes' here, which always live a short life before being mauled flat into a birthday cake.

One last "new" thing. Be sure to stop over and congratulate Carrie and family on their new arrival, baby Kyla. She is especially new as she entered this world a bit early. Be sure to leave a nice encouraging comment as they go through this new phase of life.

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Kristi said...

That's awesome news about potty-training, and so much less angst-filled than our first two attempts with Isabella.

Those photos are adorable. He has the best smile.