Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mini "Maternity" Shoot

This past weekend we had a little mini "Maternity" shoot. I use quotations marks because it wasn't anything done professionally, we don't have any extra funds laying around for such occasions. My mother in law however is pretty handy with her camera and obliged us by taking some pictures of the 3, almost 4, of us. I have loads of pictures of just Skyler, and a few more of myself recently due to documentary purposes, but there is a shocking dearth of photos including the whole family. We have a few attempts from the recent holidays, but not enough to satisfy me. I also wanted to have some photographic evidence to look back upon this particular point in our lives. My MIL took quite a few photos of which we really like just a handful. The blame for this partially belongs on the fact that we ran late and missed the good early morning light. The rest can be chalked up to the difficulty of obtaining a "good" photo of three people, one being two years old. Enough disclaimer, here they are:


Jamie said...

I love the pictures!! You look great and Skyler is adorable -- as always. I'm so glad you have some family shots!


Ann(ie) said...

Oh my those are adorable!!! I might have to copy your idea. I adore the one of him with the little hand in his pocket...your MIL takes great pics!

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Love them... So glad you got them done! My camera broke with my last pregnancy - without my knowing it until I tried to develop 3 months of pictures and saw nothing but blank shots... :(