Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Der-day to Mom-Me

Hooray! My turn for a birthday serenade. Today finds me turning twenty six years old, and also 36 weeks pregnant. Behold the bigness.

Despite my current size, and general discomfort, I had a wonderful birthday courtesy of my boys. Andy and Skyler went out this morning and found me breakfast and some lovely flowers. The flowers really prove that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Mind you that Skyler had full reign in choosing which flowers Mommy got, so this is what the ideal birthday bouquet looks like to a two year old:

Beautiful, right? I imagine that their being the loudest and most vibrant on display helped to attract his attention. I also think they are perfect.

We then spent much of the rest of the day at the zoo. Again, being in advanced state of pregnancy I had begun to doubt the practicality of my birthday choice of activity, but we just went slow and arrived early to beat the midday heat. Overall we had a great time, especially with Skyler now being able to recognize (and imitate) the animals he was seeing. Exhibit A, below we see him roaring like a bear at the Sun Bear display.
We also enjoyed a small break and some snow cones. Skyler sampled both the red and the blue, leaving the lower half of his face an interesting purple.

He made sure to share with me:

And with Daddy:
We ended the trip with the purchase of some souvenirs and a ride on the big (yellow) shuttle bus. Skyler actually enjoyed this part immensely, as he chose to narrate the entire ride by reminding me that "Skye riding bus", and "Skye sit on bus".

It was a wonderful way for me to kick off this new year of life, and truly happy der-day.


Jamie said...

Happy Birthday!! It looks like you had a wonderful day!! :)

Ann(ie) said...

Happy Happy derday to my sweet bloggy pal!!!! IT's gonna be a fabulous year for you!

kristine said...

Happy belated birthday! You look fabulous!!

Kristi said...

Happy belated birthday. That bouquet is lovely!