Monday, May 11, 2009

Veinte y cinco

Dear Skyler-

I can't remember if I had decided that after two we would stop counting your age in months. This might have been something your dad mentioned and I agreed to, then again these last few weeks of gestating your little brother have been thoroughly sapping my mental acuity. Either way, I think we will still continue with these monthly letters...for now.

You are one month past your second birthday and just about a month away from officially becoming a big brother. I know that first one has made an impression on you, since every time you see a cake or enjoy an especially event filled day you start to sing the happy birthday song. In fact you serenaded me several times yesterday for Mother's day, I can understand how these "holidays" might all fall under one title for you at this point. As for understanding about baby brother Mason, I am certain you have no real clue what is in store for you. Don't feel bad, I think we all aren't quite sure what we are about to get ourselves into. You understand that Mason has a room, and that these are Mason's clothes and Mason's toys. You have even identified Mason when going through your introductions; my mommy, my daddy, then Mason (points to my stomach). We will see how you do when introduced to the real thing.

It's funny, when you turned one it seemed that you instantly became a toddler. Or at least what I thought of as a toddler at the time, which meant demonstrating more purposeful actions and independent thought than you had previously practiced. Now that you are two, well, you are very two. You encompass all the wonderful highs and frustrating lows we have been warned a two year old is capable of. You are so very sweet, wanting to give hugs and multiple kisses. You even offer to 'fix' our necks for us, which means a five second neck rub. You are funny, you are already developing a sense of potty humor which I can only really blame myself for. You are smart. Your Gamma told you the other day that you couldn't leave in the car because she didn't have the car seat to take you in. Which was true, her car didn't have a seat installed. What she overlooked, but you did not, was that our spare car seat was sitting right next to the front door, and you. Helpfully you pointed this out. You are also stubborn and randomly psychotic, which I truly mean in the most loving way possible. But really, you are crazy sometimes. I know that much of this stems from your frustration with a world that you haven't quite figured out how to put into words. As developed as your verbal skills are you still don't possess all you need to fully communicate all your wishes and desires. This results in some pretty epic tantrums and a dizzying range of emotions from you at any given time. This too shall pass. Fortunately you are also cute.

We love you bug, even your bad bits. Happy 25th.

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