Thursday, January 15, 2009

Catching up

Sorry for the lack in posting, I have been sick, tired, and generally uninspired this last week. No pictures for this one either, we all have been sick (with several colds) the last two weeks and none of us has been picture-worthy as of late. To play catch-up and help me feel a little less behind here is what's going on, in list form to make it easier.

-My grandma was doing really well for about two days and then she went downhill again. Her circulation pretty much disappeared in her right leg and yesterday they did have to amputate below her knee. This has been a big shock for my family as this grandma has been the very picture of health for quite some time, and lead a very active and independent life. This is going to mean some big adjustments, especially for her.

-We started out last Friday with a cold for me, and then Saturday the mister caught it. We spend the rest of the weekend miserable and snotty and only started feeling well again around Monday. Then BL brought home a new cold and, hooray, now we all can share! Blech.

-BL's first week of work went really well. Exhausting, but well. He really thinks he is going to enjoy this line of work, but it is taking a lot of brainpower and hard work to take on all the new information and tasks being given to him.

-Daycare, well yesterday was MR's start back to his second week of daycare. Monday and Tuesdays he will be spending with my mom, the rest of the week he goes in with us to daycare. BL finally got to drop him off today for the first time, and reported back that MR was a little upset but was showing him around and said hello to the caregivers. Small steps here, but hopefully we are getting closer to better.

-Little Bean had another check-up yesterday and I am happy to report that despite my feeling like a bloated balloon I have only gained two pounds so far! Two!! I think that by this time last time I had gained about twenty, hopefully experience does help a bit. Especially since I am really hoping to avoid the gestational diabetes this time around, which I get to test early for next appointment (yuck). But to counter that, next appointment (Feb. 11th) we will hopefully get to see what we are having. I am really excited for this because I think that with this I will really be able to start preparing for this baby, especially knowing which direction we are headed. The Bean itself is doing well with a very healthy heartbeat of 160.

So you can see, some ups and downs in the list but generally I am hoping we are on the road to normalcy - or our version of it.


Soupy said...

YAY for a great check up- I also had G.D. last PG, and isn't it amazing how LITTLE we've gained this 2nd PG, yet we show? CRAZY!
Sorry about the colds, they suck, and so does having to feel bad about daycare. I hope little guy adjusts even more soon- hangin there!! :)

Kristi said...

I'm so sorry about your grandma. That must be so hard for you, especially at a time when you're experiencing so much joy.

BUT, good news on the baby front. I'm so excited to learn what you're having.

Feel better soon.

Pregnantly Plump said...

I'm sorry about your grandmother. That's got to be rough.
But I'm glad you and the baby are doing well.