Thursday, January 1, 2009

BL's near death experience

This could alternately be titled: Don't mess with a pregnant lady. Don't worry, his experience wasn't as dramatic as it might have been.

MR has been needing a haircut for a while. He started looking shaggy a few weeks ago, and by a few days ago it had progressed to near-mullet status. BL, being the thoughtful father and husband that he is, took MR in for a trim while I was at work. He called to tell me as much after the appointment. The conversation went as follows:

BL: So, you're going to kill me, but I got MR's haircut...

MIP: And?

BL: And it rhymes with schmohawk and is a different color.

MIP: What do you mean a different color!?

BL: I mean his hair isn't black anymore

MIP: You better be kidding

BL: No, why, we were just having fun

MIP: *Silence*

BL: What?

MIP: *More Silence*

Fortunately for BL he cracked at this point, apparently I am sufficiently scary for him to not want to continue with the ruse any further. I did come home to this...

...which I could then find humorous, because it all washed out that night in the bath.


kristine said...

So cute and too funny! Boys, i tell ya!

Soupy said...

Oh LORD! I have a student whose dad does the SAME THING to him when mama is away! watch out! LOL I think he looks adorable, though! He's got that going :)
Happy new year!