Friday, January 2, 2009

Little Bean, 15 Weeks

Definitely getting rounder, and I know that more stretching is soon to come because I am starting to get that aching/growing feeling. It's really begun. I also keep waiting and wondering when I will feel my first official kick from this little one. Lately I swear I have been feeling fluttering movements in there (especially about an hour or so after dinner), but I still can't quite label it as definitely being the Little Bean moving.
I am starting to allow myself to think about plans for this baby, what we will need to buy and how the room will be set up. It all still seems so unreal, but the bigger belly doesn't lie and I should probably start preparing sometime (soon). I am even in the process of figuring out how to knit, as I have grandiose plans of knitting a blanket for the Bean. We will see how that turns out.
I am certainly feeling better now, though the shortness of breath and the gradual increase in body temperature has definitely set in. I forgot just how exhausting it is being pregnant, especially as the weeks go by. This is a really good point in the pregnancy though, I am looking forward to first movements and in five more weeks finding out if this really is a bean or beanette.


Pregnantly Plump said...

I've heard you feel kicks sooner with the second child. Wonder if that will be true for you?
I never got warmer when I was pregnant with Little Elvis. That was one thing about pregnancy I was really looking forward to, especially since he was born in the winter.
The planning and prepping is exciting!

Kristi said...

You're still looking great. And yes, the exhaustion is a killer, especially when you have a toddler to chase around all day too.

Good luck with the knitting. I love to knit, and made a sweater for Isabella while pregnant with her. It's very relaxing!

Ann(ie) said...

You look great!! I'm really tired this go around, too. I think our busy little boy boy's keep us on our feet!!! You look wonderful by the way!

kristine said...

You look great!!! Hopefully the kick comes soon. I would say it comes sooner the second time around but mine wasn't enough that i would say it's definitely true. Maybe soon..