Saturday, October 11, 2008

Uno y medio

One and a half! MR is eighteen months old today, meaning six months ago he was just turning one year old and in six months from now he will turning two. Every day his little boy body reminds me that he is getting bigger, smarter, and grander in every proportion. He runs with gleeful abandonment of one who has yet to learn that running can be tiresome, he uses two word sentences regularly, he works to figure out how things work and is a credit and a joy to us.

He is a strong willed and determined little boy, BL says he is very particular like his mother. He likes to put things where they belong and use items as he knows they are supposed to be used. This doesn't mean that he doesn't enjoy tossing things and making a mess too. He is really starting to understand the art of conversation, especially the correct context of words. He frequently says thank you (day too) when we give him something he wanted, or take away something he didn't. He recognizes so many objects, and likes to point them out to us with relish. He dances like a fiend, climbs like a little monkey, and sings like an out of tune jukebox. Another thing inherited from me, but definitely from BL as well.

We are so proud and amazed at what a little person he has become. He is sweet and thoughtful, and unfailingly personable. We are so lucky to have such a healthy and happy boy. He gives us kisses at night and always welcomes each day with open arms. Happy one and a half bug bear.

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