Thursday, October 30, 2008

Too lazy for a title

Some random things. I wanted to thank everyone for their responses to my Two and Through post, it was really insightful to hear your different opinions especially coming from so many varied backgrounds. BL and I have come to the conclusion that even we won't know for sure what we want until we get there. We will go through this (hopefully healthy) pregnancy and then wait, a year and a half maybe two years, and see how we feel then. I have always used pills for birth control, something I really dislike and honestly was never very good at maintaining. So following this pregnancy I will likely look into something a little lower maintenance such as an IUD. I think we are both leaning towards the comfort of having only two, but then who knows how we will feel several years down the line. I agree with what many of you voiced, that a tubal ligation or vasectomy seems scarily permanent so early in the game. So we will bide our time and wait to see if those measures are truly warranted for us.

One other random item that made my day, I filled my tank for only $40.00 today! It's usually $60.00. I kept watching the dollars move up while pumping thinking that this was the slowest tank of gas ever, since I had been sitting there a while and it had only reached $35.00. Then *click*, all done at 40! I knew prices had declined, but seeing $2.67 on the pump and feeling twenty bucks richer sure felt good. How much is gas in your neck of the woods?

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jessica @pianomomsicle said...

$2.09 around here! It's insane! Of course it goes way down right when i have a baby and don't go many places anymore:)

i hope you have a great day!