Friday, October 17, 2008

Some clarity

That definitely looks positive to me, right?! So I am so excited, and scared, and excited by this new development. We were trying for this, so it really didn't come as any surprise, but it is still just so shocking. I remember being unable to comprehend that my body was actually capable of such a thing the first time around, the disbelief apparently doesn't lessen the second time .

I really knew that I was for about the past two weeks. The signs have hit me early and many this time. I am soooo much hungrier lately, mah boobs have definitely gotten bigger (they aren't much to start with, so it's noticeable), and I have had a touch of nausea here and there. Luckily no major sickness yet, but then with MR I didn't really start getting morning sickness until about 11-12 weeks. By my estimate I am not quite a month along right now. Funny thing about having a c-section, it has left me incredibly aware of when my body is entering it's monthly progress. I start to feel crampy and bloated about a two weeks prior to my period, after so many months of this new activity I realized it must be when I am ovulating. This never happened prior to the section, I think it is just a result of my scar tissue flaring up with all the extra hormones when that happens.

I do still need to go to a doctor for actual medical confirmation, but I am thinking the sticks (and my body) don't lie. I know that all the emotions I am feeling now are only going to play out more and more so through these next nine months, but right now I am just going to grab onto the strongest one and be excited. Excited for me and my family adding another little one, for MR having a baby brother or sister, and for all the things that I know are to come in this process. Hooray for little bean!

P.S. Please ignore the dirtiness of my bathroom mirror and my bralessness. It's a picture for posterity, not a demonstration of hygiene.


kristine said...

I seriously laughed out loud at your ps!!
Congrats millions of times over!
I was the same way with Parker. I really actually started feeling things about 5dpo. And was postitive I was pregnant after 10dpo. Kind of crazy how in tune with your body you are when you actually pay attention to it and know the cool things it an do!

Maremone said...

I LOVE the last picture! The coloring is perfect and it totally captures it all without words!

Jamie said...

Explain to me how your stomach looks so good after the first little one. Totally not fair!

Congratulations again!

jessica @pianomomsicle said...

i'm SO excited for you!!! Yay! i can't wait to hear more about how things are going!

Soupy said...

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! Congratulations!! this is amazing! WHOOO!!! how awesome to go thru our 2nd PG together, w/our little bugs being so close in age! Cannot wait for this journey!
And yes- i'm so in "tune" right now!!! It's amazing! Let's hope for NO M/S for both of us (but I'm already feeling early signs of it!)

Ann(ie) said...

8) YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYEEE!! Oh wow, girl. I am so stinkin happy for you!! Now pass me some of that blog water please. ;)

Pregnantly Plump said...

Congratulations!! That is wonderful!