Thursday, December 4, 2008

10 down, 30 to go

I suppose it was technically ten weeks yesterday, but I won't worry about being too particular. So here's the baby bump:

Looking somewhat reminiscent of what I recall sporting around month five with the MR. Eh. I am definitely feeling better as of late, and BL mentioned that he is glad to have his (generally) pleasant wife back. I am fortunate that he has a strong memory of what last time around was like, so none of this is unexpected for him. He has been most accommodating and his rule of thumb is to keep me fed. This, he says, was his greatest piece of knowledge he gathered from preggo number one. Hungry = even more grouchy/bitchy/intolerable. He's a smart man, that one.

Here's an aerial view, for anyone that might wonder what I see when I look down everyday. It's still crazy to me when I see such physical evidence of the process occurring inside of me. It's exciting and reassuring, but still just as wondrous as the first time.


kristine said...

Cute cute cute! I just love all the baby bellies!
David said the same thing about me when I was pregnant - to keep me fed! LOL!

Soupy said...

Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and LOL at the being fed- ME TOO! :)