Sunday, December 7, 2008

Oh tannebaum

It's definitely time for things to start looking, and feeling, like Christmas around here. BL has many (regretful) memories of his father procrastinating to the last minute for getting their tree. As a consequence he has always been very insistent that we go out and get ours as soon as possible, once Thanksgiving passes of course. So we went out this weekend and picked ours up. This little holiday outing went WAY better than our pumpkin picking experience. MR has come miles from where he was (or wasn't) in the hand holding department, and was very mindful when I asked him to stay near me or hold my hand when walking through the trees. He also loved the experience, the combination of which made it all much more enjoyable for me. I also didn't have to be the one cutting or carrying away the tree, so that helped.

Just his size
Looking for the perfect fir
Making sure it's baby proof

Helping Daddy do boy stuff
Never wanting to be left out of the fun


kristine said...

The last picture is the best one of all!
How fun - picking a real tree and cutting it down yourself (well - making BL do it!)

Pregnantly Plump said...

What a great hat! I love putting Little Elvis in hats with fun ears or things on top. Those pictures are all great, and looks like your little MR was a big help!