Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A post through pictures

So I have more pictures to post than words really, so I am just going to use my pictures to help me post. Here we go...

We finally managed to decorate our tree. The poor thing sat on our doorstep and got rained on for a bit, but now it's up and decorated (at least above toddler height). We did have some kid safe decorations down at MR's level, but he picked all of those right off. So the tree looks a bit uneven, but it works for us. We also don't have a corral around it at present, the kiddo has been really good about leaving it be. So far so good.

So glad that we have this little park just a few blocks from our house. It was great in the warm weather and now even in the winter it's a lot of fun to take the kiddo there. He comes back wetter and muddier, but it's a great way to spend time and energy.

Did you know that if you ask nicely the st@rbucks people will put your child's chocolate milk in a mini-cup? MR LOVES this. He covets our cups when we pick something up, and now he can have his very own.

And in news that I don't have a picture of, my husband got a JOB! After eight months of searching, waiting, trial and frustration he was offered a job yesterday. And not just a job, but a great job! It's three blocks away from where I work presently, so we can carpool, and it's a great fit for him. This is an amazing early Christmas present for us, a dual income- hooray!


kristine said...

Congrats on the hubs getting a job!!!!
No, I didn't know that about Starbucks and the cups - good thinking!!
We don't have our tree decorated at all because Graycen likes to play with it. So, it's just lights for probably the next 2 years or so (because of Parker, too)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the first shot :)

Congrats to the husband for the job!!

Pregnantly Plump said...

Congrats on the job! That's wonderful. And that's great about the location and fit, too!