Sunday, August 3, 2008

Zoo boo

We made it back to the zoo today, and by we I mean the MR, my mom and me. Poor BL has contracted the cold that mister just finished having, so he was in no shape for trotting around the Portland Zoo. This was doubly sad because they have a dinosaur exhibit running currently, our main reason for going, and BL had to miss out on the male bonding that apparently comes with large, scaly carnivores.

The fun thing about the zoo this time around was that MR definitely took in the animals, he was very aware that they were there and really enjoyed seeing things like the the sea lions and big, slow-moving fishies in their tanks.

The not so fun thing was the same concept but seen in different light, the kind if light that shines on big, scary animatronic dinosaurs that roar. MR was terrified of the dinos. This was both sad and humorous at the same time. Sad because the poor little bug had his legs clenched around me like a vise, and he kept looking around in fright even after we had walked out of the exhibit but could still hear the T-rex roar. The funny part, well perhaps not ha-ha, but it was really just cute and interesting to see my child express fear. We are so used to seeing him be fearless that it was strange to see this new emotion play out.

Fortunately there were plenty of non-roaring attractions around to ensure that MR had a generally good time. He was a very good boy and even got a couple of stuffed dinos out of the deal, so I guess they couldn't have been all that bad.

*P.S. Possible news on the homefront in the next two days, think good thoughts for us!


Pregnantly Plump said...

Poor little guy! I bet those dinosaurs were scary!! Glad he enjoyed the other exhibits, though.

kristine said...

Poor guy. Graycen has just started telling us she is scared. She will say "oh! Scared!" while covering her little mouth. It's so cute, funny and sad at the same time