Sunday, August 17, 2008

Blog stew

So lots-o-stuff on the agenda tonight, we have been up to quite a bit around here. First off, and most exciting, we have found a house! Hooray! Here's the kiddo in what (as of the 25th) should be our new kitchen.

We put in our offer about a week ago, and after some back and forth they accepted! We have already taken care of the inspection, and thanks to it being a pretty new home (2003) things are all a go. The biggest issue with the place is that it will need to be entirely re-carpeted. It was a foreclosure, thanks economy, and the previous tenants seem to have taken the news hard. At least I hope that is when they decided to let the animals start using the floor as their own personal toilet. If they lived like that before, then ewww. So we are getting all new carpets for the place. So assuming everything goes to plan and our tentative schedule sticks we will close on the 25th and finish moving in by early September. Yay!

In other news, the kiddo has a doctor's appointment tomorrow. Finally. He should have been in a month ago, but since moving back here to Vancouver and having to set up and appointment with a new physician- it just took a little bit longer than one would have hoped. Funny thing is this new doctor is in fact an old doctor, he was BL's pediatrician when he was a little boy. Pretty full circle. Hopefully everything goes well, and we will see just how big our boy is now.

On a random note, our child now says squirrel. It sounds more like qwirl, but this has to be the most random word he has learned so far. It's crazy how he picks up words and sounds now. Tonight in the bath tub I was singing him a silly song and he started trying to sing it back to me, in his own words of course, but the tune was there. He has also gotten a lot better, and consistent, and pointing out his body parts and following through with basic commands. He's becoming quite precocious.

To finish it all off, some more water play photos. Nana and Grandpa got him a water table toy for him to play with over at their house. Little do they know that he would rather play with the hose.


Pregnantly Plump said...

Congrats on the house! That's wonderful!

kristine said...

YAY for the house! That is awesome news! I bet you guys are ecstatic about it!!

Ann(ie) said...

YAY!!! Big congrats on the house! :) That is a stressful process.

The Burp Cloth Babe said...

Hooray for your new house! Good luck with the move in and with the DR. :)