Sunday, August 31, 2008

Things to remember

Aside from being a safe place to vent, this blog is meant to be a record of sorts of all the little things that occur in these early years. All those little things that you are bound to forget, but that I don't want to. So more for myself than for anything, here are the things I want to remember about the mister as he is right now:

-He does the most hilarious little dance whenever music comes on, from his toys, tv or the radio. He bends his knees, sticks his bum out, and holds his hands out from his sides and bounces. I am trying to get a video of it, it's priceless.

-At night, before he goes to bed I rock back and forth with him for a few minutes listening to his musical crib turtle. While I do this MR holds his arms around my neck and plays with the little hairs that are there. He started doing this when I got my haircut, reason enough to keep it short.

-He loves lights, and thinks it's one of the world's most wondrous miracles to flip a switch and make a bulb turn on. He acts very proud of himself and will look around for other people to celebrate his accomplishment with him.

-He makes an indescribable noise when he is babbling and talking to himself as he plays sometimes. He must do something with his tongue, but it sounds like a little bird warbling.

-MR thinks that my parents dog exists in every new room he enters. When we go to a new house or sometimes even a store he will clap his hands and call for 'Wuddy' (Rusty). This boy loves dogs.

-The toothbrush is his favorite item in the whole wide world, his kingdom for a toothbrush. When he sees us brushing our teeth he wants to join in, and will pretend to put toothpaste on his own brush (even though the cap is closed). He spends half his bathtime with his little toothbrush in hand, assuming he isn't still trying to brush his own teeth.

-He likes salsa, a boy after his own father's heart. BL loves all things spicy. You would think he was only going through the chip dipping process to mimic us, but he follows through and sucks the salsa off of the chip. He also double dips, fortunately we all love him enough to forgive him for this.

There's more of course, but these are just the little bits and pieces of who my boy is right now that make him lovable beyond belief.


Kristi said...

It's so important to remember the "little things" and in a lot of ways, "mommy blogs" (for lack of a better term) are the baby books of our generation.

Unkempt Mommy said...

I love keeping track of the milestones this way. I'm pretty bad about writing it all down in the baby book. Your sweet boy and my little gal would get along so well. Sounds like they do a lot of the same things :)

He looks so sweet in that pic of him sleeping.

The Burp Cloth Babe said...

So very sweet. I love the bit about him playing with your hair. Good for you for taking the time to write all that down!