Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Walking and talking

These kids grow up so fast, I just can't believe it. We went out to BL's family cabin in Idaho for the fourth of July (and BL's 26th!) and by the time we came back we had a walking and more talkative child. It's amazing. The first day we got there the MR started taking five or six steps at a time in between the furniture. By the end of the day he was making strides towards crossing whole rooms. The next day he woke up and just started walking, and he hasn't stopped since. Frankly it's a little frightening, he is so able and mobile he just goes where he wants. Which, were we in our own tidy little childproofed home, wouldn't be a problem. But we are not, we are in my parents house surrounded by unlocked cabinets and expensive knick-knacks. *Gulp*

My little goob started picking up more words too, at an amazing rate. To be added to his list-o-vocab are the words: car, tree, bird, and tweet. I myself have heard car and tree (btw, he loves cars), but my dad is the only one who has heard the bird and tweet. I am just so blown away how quickly and suddenly my little kiddo has blossomed in just the past few weeks.

Our little holiday was pretty enjoyable. BL's parents have a cabin on Lake Hayden, it's a nice little retreat that we haven't had a chance to really enjoy for the past year what with moving and BL's dad's cancer. We all needed a break. For the majority of the trip it was just the three of us and BL's parents, the last few days BL's brother came to join us as well. The first day there was stressful, as usual, but once the MR got used to things he had a really great time. BL's parents had a contractor come out and fence in the deck area so that there was a safe enclosed space for the kiddo to play in outside. This little haven was perfect, we spent the majority of our time there playing with all the new water toys MR's nana got him. Good thing this kid isn't spoiled.

Here's the (long) weekend in pictures:

And the walking man...kind of slow and quiet, but the walking happens at the end. Btw, he is light years faster than this now. Scary.


kristine said...

Oh, you're in trouble now!

jessica @pianomomsicle said...

i agree with Kristine!

Good luck with your cute little walking man!