Friday, July 11, 2008


MR is fifteen months old today. He also said the word yellow for the first time today too, though to be completely accurate he actually said lello. He has a book of colors that uses different animals to demonstrate the different hues. Lion is yellow. Tonight while I was getting him ready for bed and we were brushing his teeth he looked down at his toothbrush, pointed at the little lion on it, and said 'Lello'. I asked him what color the lion is, he looked at me and then the lion and said it again, 'Lello'. Now the question is does he only think lions are lello, or does he recognize the color lello in general. Time will tell.

It is incredible, this last week alone has been monumental in the mister's development. He suddenly has a vocabulary and he is walking everywhere. He does a thousand little endearing things that serve to remind me that he is growing and learning. He knows where his hair is and he knows that a brush is meant to be used on said hair. He knows shoes go on feet and hats go on heads, he also gets very frustrated when these items don't go on quite as he plans. He's been trying to use a fork lately, his favorite utensil by the way, but he often tries to use it with the tines facing the wrong direction. It's a start, but he also does not like to be corrected. He is a very independent little boy.

He has also become a very sweet and affectionate little bug. He waves hi and bye, and we are trying to teach him how to give kisses. One time I took a piece of grass and used it to tickle his upper lip. He made the most adorable little hissing sound in lieu of a giggle, smiling because it tickled. Now every time he picks up a stray piece of paper or bit of string he will hold it up to his lip and make his hiss hiss sound, then come over smiling to try and tickle us with his treasure.

I can't imagine what else our little man has in store for us, he has already shown us so many new and amazing things in such a short period of time. Happy fifteen months sweet bear.


Pregnantly Plump said...

Happy 15 month-oversary! (We've made up that term for Little Elvis, I'm sure it's not really accurate.)
He's accomplishing so much! That's so funny about the 'lello'.

Ann(ie) said...

He is ADORABLE!! Fun time in life, huh?????