Sunday, July 27, 2008

Running low

It's been a week, a weekend, heck even a day. Whatever the increment, it has been long. We had some great things happen this week. We had our anniversary, for which BL gave me an incredibly thoughtful gift and we did get to go out and have a lovely dinner. We also found out that we have the means to buy a home of our very own, so we have been experiencing the highs of searching for a house. Then again, we have also been suffering from the lows of that search too. Fortunately we are both much of the same mind as to what we want out of a house, but the physical and mental aspects of all the looking has really taken it's toll. Not to mention that we (willingly) opened our choices up to the criticism of our parents, so that was fun. The cherry on top of this, MR is sick. He is pushing through some more molars, and I thought that his congestion was at first because of this. What he has now is some full blown phlegmy coughing and a very runny nose, all leaving him a stage five clinger and never more than a step away from another tantrum. Again, fun. I am exhausted.

It was supposed to be a fun weekend too, I had some old friends come into town for Portland's brewfest and some general catching up. We did manage a quick dinner and a short hello when the kiddo was still in decent shape, but other than that the weekend was largely a loss. I felt bad for my baby and I felt bad for me. Sad, right? Right now I am just hoping for a happier boy in the morning and some good news on the home front tomorrow.


Ann(ie) said...

House hunting is stressful stuff. I want to unload our townhome but listing it and keeping this place clean with a toddler gives me one big giant ulcer. Plus then we have to offer Am I cheering you up???? hehe. sorry.

AND those molars. feh. Those are ROUGH!!! Hang in there mama.

jessica @pianomomsicle said...

Yuck!! So sorry to hear!

Good news about the house, though! It is VERY stressful trying to buy. i'm sorry you're having a rough time, and i'm sorry your (probably well-meaning) parents are giving you an even rougher time with it. We mastered the "nod and smile" when we bought ours.

And the teeth? Ugh. That sucks. Have you tried teething tablets? i have this little bottle or pink, all-natural teething tablets which easily absorb into food. David's symptoms and pain seem to go away magically when he was getting his teeth. (now he has all of them!) i'm having a hard time finding the bottle right now, but it's near the teething gels and stuff at the store. i think there's only one kind.

i wish you all the best luck and lots of patience and a wonderful house!

The Burp Cloth Babe said...

Oh, I hope the MR gets better. Nothing sticks more that a sick baby. You just want to be sick for him don't ya?

Good luck with the house...that is stressful. But it will be wonderful to have your own place in the end. :)

kristine said...

Oh, the teething tablets Jessica is talking about are Hyland's Homepathic Teething Tablets. We use them too and they are wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yay on the house and boo on the house. Hopefully you can relieve some stress soon.