Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Life update

So I haven't really done much (or any) updating on my life in the greater scheme of things. Mostly because things have evened out and there isn't really much to update on, but also because I think it would end up sounding like a broken record. We are still here with my parents, though it hasn't even been quite two months it often feels like longer. It took a lot of readjusting for all of us to learn how to live "comfortably" under the same roof. I use parentheses because there are still glaring areas of discomfort, mostly focused around my lazy-ass brother and the obvious anxieties that come along with trying to live amongst other people's belongings with a toddler. We have come back around to a semblance of a schedule with the mister, which makes everything a little bit better. He has finally accommodated to his new surroundings and really seems to be thriving in his new proximity to all of the family members (both in and out of this house).

BL has been extremely diligent in his search for a job, a process that has had both highs and lows. The great thing is that in the small period of time that we have been here there has been an exponential increase in the number of interviews and opportunities that he has been fielding. We spent almost a year prior to moving with him trying to find a job remotely and he only went on one interview. Since the move he has been on atleast four or five, and he continues to find more options. Of course the downside is that none of these has come to fruition. One offering turned out to be a scam, the latest possibility just wouldn't produce sufficient income soon enough. I continue to be impressed by BL's ability to rebound and endure through all of this, he really has thrown himself wholeheartedly into this search. Good things are bound to happen.

As for me, I am continuing to adjust myself to being back in the office and away from my baby. I have gotten used to the new schedule, and I do enjoy the interaction and reason to shower daily, but it is still incredibly hard to walk out that door every morning knowing that I won't see my sweet boy's face for another eight hours. It's hard, especially at this age when so many changes are occurring and my little guy is growing bigger every day.

Speaking of the MR, he has been doing big things as of late. He has started walking small distances unassisted. He won't use walking as a consistent mode of transportation, but he has taken up to ten steps forward all on his own. We figure his continued hesitance is more of a mental block. He is more than physically capable, he will literally run in circles while holding one of our hands. It is just hard for him to compute that our hands are not what is keeping him upright, his little legs are. The kiddo has also started building up his vocabulary. He now says hi, bye, more, dog, dada, mama (sounds more like meh-meh), and best/worst of all - ow. He started saying ow because I said ow when he bit me one day. I stood him in front of me and told him no, ow, biting hurts mama. And what does the little booger do? Looks me straight in the eye, grins, and says loud and clear 'Ow!'. He continues to mock me with this particularly when he is feeling impish or extra tired.

To top this off and call it good here are some pictures from the past weekend. It has been hot and sunny round here and we have been taking full advantage of it all. We took a walk down to the local farmer's market with a couple of our childless friends on Saturday, and then on Sunday we met back up with our other pair of friends who have the sweetest little girl Mae. She is a little over ten months old and brimming with vitality. She and the MR have had playdates off and on over the past months but this was the first time where their age difference didn't seem to matter since she can now crawl around on her own. Overall a pretty good way to spend a weekend.


jessica @pianomomsicle said...

Things sound rough for you! i'm sorry, pretty lady! i hope you can get out of there soon, and that you'll get closer as a family because of it.

Mr. is getting so big! i'm jealous that he says words: it's gotta make it a little easier to communicate with him. :)

Have agreat day!

kristine said...

I am totally with Jessica here. Hopefully you can be out soon. It is hard living with other people with a child. We went through that when we were staying with my mom over last summer with a crawling Graycen. She was always getting into things.
The pics - adorable! He is getting so big!