Monday, June 8, 2009

On again, off again

Not that my body hasn't been slowly betraying me over the last few months, but the last week has really made me want to put up the white flag. I surrender, I am done. Time for baby, my body is tired. I never experienced sciatic nerve pain last time with Skyler, and thank the gods that I am only just now experiencing it with the end so very close (11 more days!). Seriously though, ouch! I was already tired and achy in the pelvic region, but now my right leg has decided to abandon me and sends shooting pains every once and a while up the back. Even sitting doesn't provide relief all the time. I thought things had righted themselves yesterday, but it seems Mason was just testing out a different position and has now resumed his camp out right on my sciatic nerve. Thanks kiddo. Looking forward to seeing you and getting you off of my more sensitive internal assets.


Anonymous said...

I remember the same pain the last 2 weeks I was pregnant. I'm sorry you're hurting :(

But, on a positive note: you look fantastic!!

Ann(ie) said...

I hear ya!!! This back pain is for the birds. We're ALMOST there....thank the friggin lord!

Kristi said...

11 more days? Wow! I'm getting so excited for you.

And yes, that sciatic pain is awful. I had it for both my pregnancies. You're in the home stretch though!

Pregnantly Plump said...

I've heard how awful the sciatic pain can be. I hope he moves for you soon!