Friday, June 26, 2009

The least efficient way from point A to B

I breastfed Skyler until he was about six and a half months old. I actually remember the day that he stopped breastfeeding, because he was the one who actually put an end to it. It was October 27th, 2007. A few days before his first Halloween and we were going to the pumpkin patch at the last minute. I was actually relieved, because although I had enjoyed the closeness breastfeeding had brought to our relationship I loathed the idea of being the one to initiate an end to the process. Plus kid had some teeth by then, yowch. Skyler has made a lot of things easy on us, weaning himself was just one of them.

Mason has not been a good breastfeeder. It doesn't really seem right to say it that way, since it's not really his fault. I don't know if it's the latch, or if he is just not into delayed gratification and being willing to wait for my letdown. Whatever it is, it hasn't been working. Two days ago I decided to try a different direction. I still want to provide him with the same nutrients I gave Skyler through my breast milk, so I am pumping. I am pumping a lot for what seems like so little as I only seem to be able to keep up for the next feeding. It's frustrating trying to get ahead of myself with an advanced supply, especially when it would be so much easier if the little guy would drink straight from the tap. Andy reminds me that it has only been a few days since I started down this path, and it will take time. Which of course he is right, but I still cannot help but feel disheartened by this extra (time consuming) step in Mason's feeding process. I will keep pumping and keep trying to make this choice work, I just hope it gets even a little bit easier soon.

In other news, Mason is one week old today. He is the sweetest little baby and is actually asleep for the majority of the day's hours. We actually have been having to wake him up during the night to make sure he gets a feeding. So far he seems to be a pretty laid back baby, something I am pretty sure we don't deserve after having Skyler who was a relatively easy baby himself. Speaking of Skyler, he loves his 'baby brother Mason'. He dotes on him, loves to hold him, and is always coming up to kiss and love on him. I feel so blessed that he has taken to Mason so well, I really expect something far less pleasant. Then again, it has only been a week.


Jamie said...

Breastfeeding has to be a week by week issue for the first few weeks. Hang in there -- it will get easier and he will learn how to do it.

Have you seen a LC?


LutherLiz said...

As someone who wanted to breastfeed and had to go the exclusive pumping route when we just couldn't get his suck to work right I know what you are going through. Try to take the pumping time as you time - relax, if you can go hands free think about reading a book or just listening to some music. It does help. Or at least 4 months into it I haven't given it up yet. Good luck! Mason is a cutie!

Pregnantly Plump said...

I had a friend who pumped for 11 months! I think she got into a groove after about a month. I understand about the pumping issues. I tried when he was very young and had the worst issues. Bob read that I wasn't supposed to start until later (obviously that's not really an option for you, though.) Little Elvis was a voracious eater and I was never able to pump much. It would take me 2 weeks to collect 11 ounces.
Good luck and hopefully he'll come around on the latching thing.

Kristi said...

Oh, he is just the cutest, and that last picture is SO sweet. Breastfeeding will get easier. I was producing practically nothing the first week of the twins' lives when they were in the NICU, and then my milk came in. Don't be afraid to call your hospital's lactation consultant helpline. I did several times.