Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Better late than never

So we had another baby shower for Mason man this past weekend, with five days to d-day no less. Better late than never right? It ended up being so close due to several factors, including some slow planning on our mom's parts and it being an ideal weekend for several out of town guests who would be attending. Either way, it happened and it was lovely. I was just enormously pregnant (still am) and completely wiped by the end. It's sad how sitting and talking can be exhausting at this point. We did get some more very useful items to help us in preparation for the arrival of son number two in *three* more days. Yikes, but yay. I am so worn out, my body hurts so bad. I am scared and anxious about what it will mean to have two children, and worried about how this will affect Skyler... but sweet jebus I am so completely done being pregnant. If I have it, it hurts and it doesn't work very well anymore. Blech. Anyways, here's some lovely pictures from MIL's camera (except for the first two) of our get together. Presents, chocolate, and friends is never too trying after all.


Ann(ie) said...

SOOOOOO feeling you right now. I'm wiped and nervous and exhuasted and everything hurts!!!!! You look gorgeous in the pics, though girlie and I cannot wait to see pics of Mason!!!! You're so close. Hang in there! I have 8 days from today. meh.

Ann(ie) said...

And what fun!!!! I'm glad you were so pampered, love!

Soupy said...

You are beautiful! I'm so jealous of your full belly!! Savor the last days! Savor it!!!!! :) And man is your little man one handsome dude! he is going to be a great big brother- I'm sooooo damn excited for you ALL! :) Love the fact that you were spoiled! :)